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trailers Domain Name Sold For $30,000

Sites include , . Published on April 29th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

The domain name company Sedo is a very successful and popular domain name selling company and one of the best around today. They are known for selling some high dollar, impressive domain names but they also offer domain names at affordable prices. Recently on the domain name was sold for $30,000, a whopping 5 figure amount! This was the top domain name in this period. One of the next highest domain names that sold through Sedo was sold for over $16,000 euros and it was Also another notable domain name sold was which sold for over $13,000 and also one that sold for just under $10,000 was

Here’s the list of other notable domain names that were sold through Sedo recently as well:    8,200 USD    2,050 EUR    3,000 USD    2,500 USD    1,500 USD    5,000 USD    1,500 USD    5,000 USD    1,750 USD    5,000 USD    4,000 EUR    2,750 USD    2,480 USD    2,500 EUR    7,000 USD    5,000 USD    1,800 USD    5,100 USD    3,000 USD    2,000 USD    6,000 EUR

As you can see from the list, some were sold for the price of a U.S. dollar while some were sold in Euros. Some web sites were .com and other .net and one was .de and another So obviously there a variety of domain names for sale that could meet the specific needs of a company or individual.Though it is obvious from the above list that domain names can be quite pricey sometimes, depending on who they are purchased from and the URL itself, it is a wise decision for businesses of all kinds and sizes to consider moving their business online and purchasing a domain name. So many companies are doing business online nowadays and the domain name would more than likely pay for itself in the near future.

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