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38% Of Kids Using Facebook Are Younger Than 12

Sites include . Published on April 28th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The problem of policing children with respects to social networks and their age restricted limits is a difficult one. Policing even seems too strong a word, but as parent, my child’s safety online has to be taken seriously—so I suppose the term applies. More and more researchers are finding that children that are underage are using social networking services to the dismay of their parents, and it seems the problem is getting worse.

The latest survey from MinorMonitor, a company which looks at online safety of children has put the number of children under 12 using Facebook at 38%. That is a massive number, because those numbers could amount to millions given the size of Facebook membership. But it gets even worse.

Of the 1000 parents that were surveyed in the study, 40 children were confirmed to be under six years old. And the parents of these children were very concerned that their kids might be exposed to all and sundry on the social network.

Facebook has strict privacy rules but given that pretty much anyone with an email address can sign up it’s hard for it to adequately police things. There has been talk about an ID card for use on the social network but that probably won’t work with the privacy concerns of many of its 850 million users.

So, do you think Facebook should have more robust age-restriction policies? Share your thoughts with us below.

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