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trailers Domain Name Sold For $4963

Sites include , . Published on April 27th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

On the recent sales day of April 5th, 2012 there were many domain names sold through This was no doubt a good sales day for them. Even though there were not a lot of high dollar domain names sold, there were many sold for decent prices. The top domain name sold on April 5th for GoDaddy was which sold for almost $5,000. There were only 7 bidders on the domain name, however the 7 bidders made a total of 192 bids on that day before the domain name finally sold for $4963. was a 9 year old registered domain name. The domain name that came in 2nd for the top sale was which sold for over $1800 and in third place was the domain name which sold for $1600.

GoDaddy is a well known and successful domain name selling company that has made a good reputation for itself due to selling domain names at affordable prices and reaching a large diverse customer base. GoDaddy probably sounds familiar to many or at least their logo does since they do a lot of advertising both through TV commercials as well as online and various other ways. The attractive women they use in their somewhat risque advertisements probably have a lot to do with why GoDaddy is so familiar to a lot of people. Regardless of their advertising means, it seems to be successful and working for the company since they are doing so well.

Some domain names can be very expensive and some domain name selling companies only sell high dollar domain names. GoDaddy is perfect for people and businesses that have a budget because they sell affordable domain names and at the very least $1,000 is a relief to see after some of the 6 figure domain names that are being sold regularly now. Some of their domain names only cost a few hundred dollars. This would quickly pay for itself with the easy advertising, potential new customers and revenue, etc. Check out GoDaddy if you need an affordable, quality domain name at!

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