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98% Of New iPad Users Are Satisfied

Sites include . Published on April 18th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

It looks like Apple Inc. gets to have its cake and eat it too—at least for now. The latest iPad as you know is out and so far the reception and satisfaction has been nothing less than extraordinary.

A new survey from research company, ChangeWave, has revealed that 98% of the people who bought the new iPad are satisfied with it. This is staggering of course, and shows the level of trust that Apple has been able to build up over the years with its loyal customers. What’s more, 82% of people polled said that they were ‘very satisfied’ with their purchase and only 16% said that they were ‘somewhat satisfied’.

Apple’s success with the iPad is down to a lot more than just marketing and mindshare, the new iPad comes with high-resolution Retina display and 75% of the people polled highlighted this feature as the best, most endearing one on the sleek new gadget.

The only downsides were price which 26% of the people complained about and the high cost of data plans that go with the iPad. Still, for a chance to own one of the most talked about and coveted gadgets of 2012, many won’t mind these complaints too much; after all, those complaining have already bought. That’s the power of Apple.

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