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End.com Domain Name Sold For $100,000

Sites include , . Published on April 10th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

Domain names can be pretty expensive, costing some companies 6 figure amounts, while others are more affordable and cost only a couple hundred dollars. However despite the cost, the domain name would eventually pay for itself if the company has a successful and growing business. The domain name wouldn’t just make the business that bought it successful and bring it a nice amount of revenue, but also the business that SOLD the domain name. Sedo is a very successful and well known domain name selling company. They sell domain names to various companies around the country as well as the world for various prices, but mostly they are on the higher end when it comes to sales.

Selling a domain name for 6 figures is nothing to them; and recently they sold the domain name End.com for a whopping $100,000 and just for ONE domain name! It is unknown who the buyer of this domain name is just yet, but the domain name can apparently be used for various END acronyms or maybe someone wanting a web site about the “end of the world” or something, who knows? The domain name is pretty old though since it was registered back in 1993, so it’s about time it sold and for a good price!

It will be interesting to see what this domain name ends up being used for as well as who the buyer was. It would also be neat to know how many bidders were bidding and how many bids were made until it sold finally for $100,000.

If looking for a good company to buy a domain name from, Sedo is definitely worth looking into since they are well known for their successful business and quality domain names. However it is good to know that they are quite on the pricey end!

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