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Google+ Now Available In 60 Languages

Sites include . Published on March 22nd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Facebook didn’t scale its user base to more than 800 million people by targeting English speakers only; in fact, Facebook is getting even bigger in non-English speaking countries. Little surprise then that Google is taking the same approach and integrating as many languages as possible into its native social networking platform called Google+.

Google Plus 25 Million UniquesThe social network launched in June 2011 has now 60 languages under its belt. This was confirmed recently by Google after Twitter made its own announcement of serving 28 different languages. The announcement by itself wouldn’t have caused such a stir if it weren’t released a few minutes after the Twitter announcement. No sooner than Twitter made its announcement, Google said this: “Google+ is now available in 60 languages! We already supported 44 languages, but now even more people around the world can use Google+ in their native tongues. Now it’s easy to start a Hangout in Zulu [Qala i-hangout], share your favorite photos in Tamil [படத்தைப் பகிரவும்], or post about your weekend in Urdu [اس اشاعت کا اشتراک کریں].”

Of course both platforms are lagging badly behind Facebook which now serves over 97 languages—and counting. The only good news I suppose for Google+ is that integrating languages should be dead easy given that Google owns the powerful translation engine called Google Translate.

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