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trailers Domain Name Sold For $50,000

Sites include . Published on March 16th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

Domain name selling companies are very popular and successful at this time. Business is done so much online nowadays and it is easy and convenient for people to search for various companies online and also provides companies with easy, beneficial advertisement. Some domain names can be pretty pricey while others are affordable. Some domain name selling companies are Go Daddy, which sells more affordably priced domain names and is advertised on TV as well as the internet; Sedo which is popular and very successful but sells  domain names for much higher costs; and Afternic which also is successful and used a lot but also is quite pricey.

Speaking of the domain name selling company Sedo, they recently had a sale that brought them in $50,000! This was the sale of the domain name This domain name had been registered since 2000 through the company Network Solutions. It will be interesting to see what this domain name is used for, but I’m sure it will be something successful since the domain name sold for such a high price. Sedo has sold many domain names for much higher prices than $50,000. Some of their sales are in the 6 figures even! So needless to say they are successful company with a good reputation.

Although it is obvious due to the above amount how pricey some domain names can be, there are other options and companies for people to buy their domain name from that is more affordable. It is such a wise business decision to do this as it will provide advertisement for the company, services and information for customers, and has the potential to not only pay for itself but bring in additional revenue for the company. Take a look at the various domain name selling companies today to get more information!

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