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Zynga Player Spent $100,000 On Mafia Wars

Sites include . Published on March 5th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

Apparently a former employee for Zynga, an engineer to be exact, is releasing private information regarding the company since his release from the company. He has been posting this information to Reddit. He has a lot to say about the company but also about how much money some players spent on games like Mafia Wars. Here’s some more information about this story:

“Among other things, the ex-employee says some customers spent outlandish sums on virtual goods and services in many games — including one user who spent $100,000 on Mafia Wars.

The alleged ex-Zynga employee goes by the handle “mercenary-games” on Reddit and began posting about a day ago. He says he worked at Zynga for eight months but that he quit the company six months ago.

The person makes many claims about the game company, but one of the most eyebrow-raising is the alleged amounts of actual dollars some of its customers spend playing the games through Facebook. He says he’s seen someone spend $20,000 on FrontierVille and another player “commit” up to $100,000 on Mafia Wars. Further, Zynga has a special name for players who spend in excess of $10,000: Zynga Black.

The company supposedly focuses almost all of its attention on players who spend money, treating those who play for free as “spam.” The post author claims those players are the “hardcore” crowd, to whom Zynga caters, tweaking features to encourage gameplay habits that bring in the most money.”

It will be interesting to see what else this former Zynga employee says about the company and his experience working there. Also I wonder if the company will catch wind of the info he is releasing and step in to stop him, or if this escapade will influence his further job hunts and placements.

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