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MySpace Is Still The #50th Most Popular Site In The U.S.

Sites include . Published on March 2nd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Ever since MySpace got slaughtered by the juggernaut that is Facebook, many have written it off completely, even with the subsequent sale of the former social networking giant by Rupert Murdock. But the latest ComScore data is suggesting that MySpace may be far from dead—at least not in America.

Based on the latest data from ComScore, MySpace is the 50th most popular site in America. Top of the list is of course Google sites, which are an amalgamation of all the properties currently owned by the search giant. Microsoft saw its amalgamated sites ranking in at number 2, with Yahoo coming in at number 3. Facebook is the 4th most popular site in America by ComScore’s data.

MySpace’s ranking I suppose will some comfort to investors who last year decided to try and revamp the struggling social network. Perhaps the fact that it is able to rank at all in the top 100 is a testament that the old visitors to MySpace have been joined by new visitors—people who are now discovering the site for the first time.

But as a cautionary note, it is important to note that ComScore’s data may not be the ultimate litmus test. Alexa for instance, has Facebook as the number 2 most popular site in America. Whatever the case though, it is good to see MySpace on some sort of list.

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