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Apple Marches towards Its 25 Billionth App Store Download

Sites include . Published on February 26th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Apple for all intents and purposes is the pioneer in the sales and proliferation of mobile Apps. It comes as no surprise then that the company is getting ready to welcome its 25 billionth App Store download, an achievement which Apple has even started to countdown towards.

The company slapped a big counter on its website to mark the upcoming achievement and is apparently offering a $10,000 gift card to the lucky person who buys the 25 billionth App. The gift card winner will able to use it on iTunes towards any content they see fit.

Of course, this countdown isn’t new and Apple had a similar contest last year when it roared towards its 10 billionth App Store download. That contest saw a lucky winner walk away with a $10,000 Apps Store gift card and barging rights to the ‘first to get there’. This year no doubt people will be lurching, ready to pounce on the 25 billionth download.

Many are wondering too if Google will start doing this sort of thing. Countdowns aren’t totally against Google’s culture, but these kinds of rewards for user and customer loyalty are not so prominent.

What say you? Should Google start offering gift cards for milestones achieved on its Android platform? Let us know below.

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