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Klout Acquires Mobile Startup Blockboard

Sites include . Published on February 23rd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Social popularity website Klout.com is moving up in the world. The company recently secured additional funding and right out the gate it seems poised to make a name for itself. The company has just completed its first acquisition, snapping up Blockboard, a mobile service that is built around sharing tidbits of information with your neighbors about anything that interests you—even gossip.

Klout has never been shy about its intention to grow and expand into the mobile arena, and many believe the acquisition of Blockboard is a direct attempt at making that jump. The acquisition also suggests that Klout is looking to deepen its talent pool by acquiring small companies. According to some sources, the team that developed and run Blockboard will be absorbed into the Klout apparatus and contribute to its further development. Even a blog post about the acquisition gave glues at this intent.

According to the blog post made about the acquisition, “Blockboard brings an awareness of how social media can be meaningfully woven into the fabric of a local community, as well as a killer mobile app development team. Integrating the Blockboard team, technology and expertise is a significant investment into enriching the local and mobile experience for our passionate users, and will be an incredible boost for all of us.”

Whatever happens, it’s good to see the people behind Klout making some progress. Many in the tech space had questioned whether the Klout model was even viable. Now they’ve proven those detractors wrong.

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