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75% Of Americans Use Their Phones On The Toilet

Sites include . Published on February 18th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The bathroom is not the sort of place you’d expect a study on phone use to be conducted, but marketing research firm 11Mark has taken on the challenge. Branded “IT in the Toilet”, the study found that 75% of Americans use their phones on the toilet. Some activities were more popular than others, with texting being the most popular activity at 67%. Only 41% of respondents admitted to initiating a call whilst on the toilet.

Men it seems are more attached to their phones than women with 30% of male respondents saying that they will not go the toilet without their phones. Females weren’t too far behind with 20% of female respondents citing the need to carry their phones. The type or mobile platform of the phone also played a part with 8% of Android users expressing a strong liking for using their phones in the bathroom. Only 7% of iPhone users cited a liking for this.

In the end I suppose the study shows the total and utter dependence that we in modern society are attaching to phones and other gadgets. Increasingly our personal space is now being invaded so would say by things that we simply can’t do without. How we manage it all will be interesting to see.

Do you use your phone in the bathroom? Let us know below.

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