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Facebook Has 11.5 Billion Sheets Worth Of Content

Sites include . Published on February 13th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Right now all people seem to be thinking about is the impending Facebook IPO, but amidst all this euphoria, some people are still digging below Facebook’s surface—trying to crunch the numbers and decipher what makes this company tick.

Online ink cartridge company Cartridge Save recently conducted a survey to establish just how much content is shared on Facebook and what that content would look like if it were printed. According to the survey, printing a year’s worth of status updates would be the equivalent of printing 500,000 Oxford English Dictionaries. If that wasn’t enough to put the scale of the task in perspective, a cost was added to the entire elements of pricing, that adjusting for certain elements of pricing, the ink alone would cost over $194.5 million or enough for London to build two more London Eyes.

According to the survey, it would take 573 million hours to read every Facebook status update posted in a year, or the equivalent of flying round the globe, wait for it…8.5 million times.

When the numbers are dissected and put in this sort of perspective, you can see why the upcoming Facebook IPO is the talk of the town. Many are calling it a ‘cultural event’, a suggestion perhaps that Facebook is now truly an institution.

Are you surprised that Facebook has so much content? Let us know below.

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