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Twitter Estimated To Make $540 Million In Ad Revenue By 2014

Sites include . Published on February 12th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Social networks and social media sites have always had one aim in mind, and that is to make money—lots of it. Facebook has shown its hand clearly with the full-on promotion of its ad platform and Twitter joined the bandwagon last year with the full rollout of its own ad platform. That rollout generated around 139.5 million in ad revenue according to marketing research firm, eMarketer.

But eMarketer’s estimation was just based on past performance. According to analysts from the firm, Twitter is estimated to make a whopping $540 million in ad revenue by 2014. This growth is expected to come from the increase usage among US users of the popular micro-blogging platform, as well as the increased presence Twitter is expected to have in other countries. Already many are predicting that Twitter will breach the 500 million active user mark by the end of February this year, and even if this doesn’t happen, it is clear that Twitter will break 500 million sometime this year.

So far much of Twitter’s ad revenue is coming from many big-name brands based in the US, but European firms are reportedly lining up to pitch their wares to Twitter’s growing user base. One only hopes that Twitter doesn’t put user experience on the back burner in favor of the almighty dollar.

Is Twitter becoming too ad-heavy? Let us know below.

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