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iCloud Now Has 85 Million Users

Sites include . Published on February 7th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Apple is doing so well that pretty much every division seems to be enjoying the fruits of a solid harvest. On receipt of news that Apple had its best quarter ever, the markets responded in kind, sending the stock north of the $450 mark. There was also good news regarding one of the latest additions to the Apple family of products, the iCloud.

Launched just 3 months ago, the iCloud represents Apple’s foray into the Cloud storage and syncing market and so far the response has been good. According to a statement from Apple, the iCloud service now has over 85 million users. This stunning growth is even better than most industry analysts expected and Apple is disclosing that the iCloud take-up by users is even more than the total number of iOS devices sold over the same period of growth.

The biggest shocker perhaps on news of the iCloud usage is the revelation that not even Dropbox who got a head start in the Cloud space reported such growth over the same period. This suggests that Apple’s iCloud service is finding favour among people who perhaps never thought of using such a service before. Will the iCloud eventually kill off Dropbox? Not likely, but it will give the people at Dropbox a run for their money.

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