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iPhone 4S Accounts For 90% Of US iPhone Sales

Sites include . Published on February 5th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Apple is planning a summer launch of its much anticipated iPhone 5, but for now fanatical iPhone lovers are buying the iPhone 4S in droves. According to recent sales data released by Apple, more than 90% of iPhone sales in the US are for the 4S model.

The news will be welcomed I am sure by Apple investors who so far have been seeing solid revenue figures for the company founded by the late Steve Jobs. Jobs’ successor seems to have had little trouble fitting in and in the closing quarter of 2011, the company had a massive $13.6 billion net profit—a figure which ensures that for the 14th consecutive quarter running, Apple has posted profitable numbers.

Apple’s numbers are also up with enterprise customers too, and many are expected to splash out on the new iPhone 5 when it drops in a few months. Add to this sure-fire revenue stream the iPad and you can see how the company is managing to break revenue records quarter after quarter.

The integration of Apple’s iOS 5 with Twitter is expected to provide strong incentive for new iPhone and iPad purchase and many are predicting that Apple will be worth more than the $400 million it is currently worth in another 12 months or so.

Too much hype around the iPhone 5? Let us know if you are keen to get one this summer using the comments below.

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