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Got $25,000? Get A Twitter Brand Page!

Sites include . Published on February 4th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

When demand exceeds supply, prices rise. This certainly seems to be the case with Twitter, although the paradigm doesn’t quite work the same way with the evolving world of online advertising.

Several months ago advertising was merely the persevere of small-scale marketers on Twitter, but today only the heavy hitters it seem can get their message out on the world’s largest micro blogging platform. For $25,000 brands can now have their own customizable brand page. Although the official launch date for the availability is not until February 1, already many brands have committed to getting their branded space on Twitter.

According to reports many of the already committed 20 or so brands are planning to spend over $2 million on the initial campaign rollouts. This commitment will see brands being able to keep important or special tweets about their brands and offerings on top of these brand pages.

With Twitter on track to hit 500 million active users by the end of February, one can only imagine just how much more expensive advertising on the platform will become. Many are already saying too that Twitter looks set to go the way of Google, accommodating only the big spenders whilst treating the ‘little guy’ with disdain.

Do you think Twitter is becoming too exclusive? Let us know below.

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