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87% Of People Prefer Websites Over Mobile Apps

Sites include . Published on February 1st, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Today’s consumer is more connected than they’ve ever been, but the way in which they prefer to access the web doesn’t seem to be changing—much.

According to a recent look into how various groups are connected, the vast majority of people still prefer to access their favorite websites through their PC or Laptop. The actual figure was 87%, suggesting naturally that all this talk about the Tablet Pc killing off the Desktop/Laptop is pure rubbish. Only 9% of people surveyed actually preferred to do the bulk of their web browsing from their tablets.

The story regarding branded apps was no different either. A whopping 87% of consumers surveyed preferred to access a brand through a website over a branded app—only 4% preferred such apps. This spread of preference is of course consistent with how devices are used, and as outlined above, the tablet PC is nowhere near killing off the Desktop or Laptop.

The study also showed that 52% of today’s connected consumers are women, who by all accounts are earning quite a bit of money ($63,000 a year to be exact). The mean age for these women is 40. Facebook too, came out looking more and more like an under-exploited opportunity. According to the study, 75% of connected consumers are Facebook users.

All in all, the study is perhaps showing that the habits of consumers whilst coming under strong influence from emerging technologies, are still very much entrenched in tradition.

Do you prefer websites over mobile apps? Let us know below.

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