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The Top 10% Of Mobile Users Generate 90% Of All Mobile Traffic

Sites include . Published on January 31st, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

In a recent study it has been shown that the top 10% of mobile users generates 90% of all mobile traffic and that this gap is growing larger even with all the mobile internet usage. Here is some more information about this issue:

“Apparently there’s more than one “One Percent,” even when it comes to mobile bandwidth. It seems that the top one percent of mobile Web users consume half of the world’s bandwidth, while the top 10 percent generate 90 percent of all mobile Internet traffic. And this next part is hard to believe considering how quickly mobile Internet usage is growing, but it looks like this gap is actually widening.

That is, at least, according to Arieso, the England-based company that observed this significant gap after it tracked 1.1 million customers of a European mobile operator for one day last November.

It seems that in 2009, the top three percent of users were generating just 40 percent of the traffic, but not anymore, as this percentile is using up around 70 percent of the bandwidth.

What is unfortunate is that this study couldn’t (or didn’t) give us much of a profile of this “One Percent,” said Michael Flanagan, Arieso’s Chief Technology Officer. Flanagan does seem to think that the group is “probably diverse, with a mix of business users gaining access to the Internet over a 3G network…and individuals with generous or unlimited mobile data packages.”

It will be interesting to see how this gap continues to grow or if it will start to decrease instead. Also this study would be useful for businesses that use the mobile web because when looking at these numbers it might not be so valuable to spend money on web advertising after all. This is just something to be aware of and look into for those who have online businesses that are tied into the mobile web usage.

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