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2.1 Billion People Now Use The Internet

Sites include . Published on January 30th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The internet had its beginnings in the US Military, so one cannot say it had humble beginnings. This rather ambitious start has sort of followed the net to this day and the ubiquity of its use is a testament to this.

A small study conducted by traffic and analytics website Pingdom found that today, over 2.1 billion people use the internet. This number accounts for over 30% of the planets population and is a big jump from the 300 million or so people that were connected in the year 2000. Not bad given the scare that computers would crash forever under the strain of the Y2K bug (remember that?).

Use among the Continents is not easily spread, but this is understandable given the diverse mix of population and technological advancement. Asia has the biggest concentration of internet users with over 922 million people connected. Europe has the next biggest cluster of users with over 476 million people connected. North America is third with just over 271 million people connected.

In terms of individual country distribution of users, China holds sway with just over 485 million people connected. This number accounts for just over 36% of China’s population, and should be considered with the backdrop that China is not in the top 5 in the world where internet penetration is concerned. With China’s economy responding so well growth-wise, this number should hit a billion users in the next decade.

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