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The Internet Finally Kills SOPA

Sites include . Published on January 29th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

Most people have heard of the recent issue of SOPA where the government would be controlling the internet more heavily and even going as far as penalizing an entire web site for whatever things an individual posted. This caused a lot of buzz and uproar among major companies such as Wikipedia and just the basic internet users of all kinds. Facebook and other social media sites were over flowing with posts about SOPA here recently and what it would mean if the bill actually went through. The free internet as we know it would not exist anymore and it would have a serious toll on the major web sites that we know and love such as social media sites like Facebook & Twitter as well as Wikipedia and YouTube. However though SOPA was a scare for many it is a relief to know that it did not go through and our freedom on the internet will continue!

Here is some more information about how SOPA was taken down:

“In a surprise move today, Representative Eric Cantor(R-VA) announced that he will stop all action on SOPA, effectively killing the bill. This move was most likely due to several things. One of those things is that SOPA and PIPA met huge online protest against the bills. Another reason would be that the White House threatened to veto the bill if it had passed.

Both tech-giants and First Amendment advocates went all out against SOPA, and brought it down. In the midst of this, GoDaddy lost thousands of domains, Comcast issued a network upgrade rendering DNS blocking ineffective and Kaspersky withdrew support for SOPA. However, the strongest blow came from the White House, which finally decided to oppose SOPA, leaving the bill helpless.

SOPA was a desperate attempt by the media industry to regulate and control the Internet. Now that it is gone, all those protests should be focused against PIPA, which is another bill of the same nature as SOPA. It should face the same opposition as SOPA and meet its demise.”

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