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Gmail Now Has 350 Million Users

Sites include . Published on January 29th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Hotmail had first movers’ advantage but Gmail is showing that the race is not for the swift. In just a few short years, Google’s free web-based email offering has closed the gap on Hotmail with a reported 350 million active users on the platform.

The rate of growth on Gmail is also astounding for it was only in October of last year (2011), that Google announced that it had 260 million users. This means that in just 3 months more than 90 million people have been added. The last report on actual users released by Hotmail was in March 2010, during which a figure of 369 million active users was given. Assuming that Hotmail is having some rates if attrition, I would say that figure is no greater than 400 million right now. Add to that scenario, the possibility that millions of people have switched to Gmail and it is perhaps safe to say that Gmail will overtake Hotmail before 2012 is out.

These strong numbers for Gmail has of course translated into strong revenue numbers for Google who is reporting a breach of the $10 billion revenue mark for the first time. With advertising revenue set to grow with the addition of new users to Gmail, Google could very well end up breaking the $15 billion revenue mark before the year is out.

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