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There Were Around 13.5 Million iPads Sold In Q4

Sites include . Published on January 25th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The tablet PC has now found definition through one gadget—the iPad. And this almost cult-like status of the iPad fuels a lot of speculation on Wall Street; analysts it seems are carving out whole niches on the back of predicting the number of iPads that are sold each year.

Mind you, they all take their cue from Apple’s own sales data, so when you break things down, their predictions have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Several analysts from key technology and marketing firms place their bets on how many iPads were sold in the last quarter of 2011. Alexis Cabot of Apple’s Finance Board had the highest estimate which tipped Q4 iPad sales at 19.4 million units. The lowest estimate was suggested by Hendi Susanto of Gabelli & Co, and he tipped the iPad at 11.73 million units.

Of course you really want to look at an estimate in the middle of the pack to get a sense of where the real numbers are, and in this regard, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray seems spot on. According to Gene, their estimate of Q4 iPad sales is 13.5 million. This number is consistent with the estimate of at least 4 other analysts and comes closer too, to Apple’s own sales and revenue figures that are reported.

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  1. My wife has been given an ipad for work and while it is a most impressive device, I still don’t think it is as practical to use when you are on the move and out on the street, still prefer my iphone but also wish it had a slightly bigger screen.

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