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Is Twitter Going Public In 2013?

Sites include . Published on January 24th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

SOPA and PIPA may be gearing up to put the brakes on internet freedom and entrepreneurial fervor, but that hasn’t stopped some of the bigger web companies from pressing ahead with their plans for expansion. One of those big companies is Twitter, the world’s biggest micro-blogging website, and word on the ‘tech street’ is that the people behind Twitter plan to take it public in 2013.

This speculation is being fueled by both tech experts and actual investor and trading activities of Twitter itself. One the first front, media and tech experts like Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman, has been using their platforms to enrich the debate about whether Twitter should go public. In one segment of his show on Bloomberg, he openly hinted that Twitter have an IPO as early as next year (2013).

On the second front, Twitter’s shares and their allocation have been inching closer and closer to the standard that requires the company to go public. Under current United States Security and Exchange Commission guidelines, all privately traded companies with over 500 investors must disclose their financial records to the public—in other words, become publicly traded companies. Twitter’s actual investor numbers are considered to be very near this, and so for many observing it’s a case of ‘if’ and not ‘when’ Twitter’s IPO becomes a reality.

Do you think Twitter will go public in 2013? Share your thoughts below.

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