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Formspring Surpasses 4 Billion Answers

Sites include . Published on January 20th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Formspring has unveiled a raft of new features in an effort o keep its users engaged and happy. The social Q&A website is now over 28 million users strong and currently enjoys around 30 million uniques a month. This depth of usage has so far contributed over 4 billion answers to the site, and with the latest changes, this number is expected to grow even more.

So just what are these new features? The biggest one is Formspring’s own user directory which it is calling (surprise surprise) “Favorites”. This new feature has been introduced to highlight the more popular users on Formspring, thereby giving other users an incentive to participate more. The “Favorites” feature is seen as complement to another recently added feature called  “Interests”, and this allows users to display their affinity with various categories of things like Sports, Fashion, Music and the other usual popular fare.

These 2 new features together are being hailed as important additions to Formspring’s functionality, but more than that, it is causing people to wonder if the platform itself is becoming a social network. Formspring insiders of course are saying nothing of the sport to support this view, but as the site becomes more and more like Facebook and less like other dominant Q&A sites, I can’t see the speculation dying down.

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