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BKAV.com domain sells for $100,000

Sites include . Published on January 18th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Domainers who were quick in registering three and five-letter domains seem to be benefiting nicely from this foresight. The latest beneficiary is Frank Schilling, owner of Name Administration, the company who at the time of sale was listed as the registrant of BKAV.com. The domain was bought recently by a Vietnamese based Antivirus company called BKAV (an exact match). The actually selling price was 2.3 billion Dong or about $100,000.

According to a Bkav spokesman, the acquisition of the domain made perfect sense. The company had been keeping an eye on the domain for years according to the spokesman, and even though the cost of acquisition had shot up significantly, the members of the executive felt it was a necessary and justifiable purchase. Bkav is expected top grow significantly in the next 12 months and so the acquisition.

It looks like Schilling drives a hard bargain too, because according to the Bkav spokesman, the initial asking price for the domain was 3 billion Dong, or about $150,000. Schilling in the end decided to accept the 100K offer rather than losing out. And why not? Schilling probably didn’t spend more than $1500 to acquire the domain, so clearly a $100,000 sale is a huge return.

The lesson with this sale is that companies that were penny wise and pound foolish are now paying the price. If you start a company, before you even incorporate it, get the domain. That’s today’s top tip.

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