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uVideos.com Domain Name Sells For $22,000

Sites include . Published on January 16th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The ‘I’ prefix has been very lucrative for domainers, with many popular names like iPad and iMoney going for some big bucks. But other prefixes have also done well in the past and the recent sale of uVideos.com for $22,000 is stunning evidence of this. The seller is none other than preeminent domainer, Mike Mann who claims to have bought the domain a while ago for $79. The buyer is Univision Communications, Inc. who is lauding the purchase as a coup—presumably the domain could have easily gone for more.

The quirk in this whole affair is the fact that Mike Mann was able to acquire a domain for a measly sum of $79—a domain which clearly has potentially huge commercial value. The domain was previously owned by Registrar Ads Inc. who apparently (and rather foolishly) let the domain expire back in 2009. A series of events between deletion and subsequent reactivation led to the domain ending up in the hands of savvy domainer Mike Mann. The rest as they say is history and Mike Mann is probably at his dinner table counting his money.

This latest sale is once again evidence that domaining isn’t going away and is a good start for 2012.

Do you think Mike Mann actually paid $79 for the domain? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Hi,

    Where did he sold the domain? I have tried Sedo, but it does not work for me. I have 12 domains for sale on Sedo and none of them have recived an offer.

    Bets regards,
    Rune Hollins

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