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US Government Wants To Censor Tweets

Sites include . Published on January 14th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

In recent weeks the internet has become the frontline in the battle to keep the tentacles of the US government from wrestling away, one of the last bastions of freedom. Detailed plans to censor or undertakings already underway have been revealed, including news that the US government routinely sets up fake profile on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Now even more compelling evidence of US plans to censor the internet have emerged from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and this time the key target is Twitter. According to the EFF, the US government wants Twitter to arbitrarily shut down accounts of people or organizations that are have alleged links with terrorism. Of course, the definition for terrorist is pretty much anyone who speaks out against the draconian and freedom-killing actions taken by Uncle Sam and his minions.

But the EFF is urging Twitter to fight back. In a statement released by the EFF, it urged Twitter not to join the ranks of other countries around the world who have all censored Twitter under the guise of ‘national security’. The US is joining countries like the UK who have openly called for tighter restrictions on Twitter and Facebook—measures that would effectively make it harder for dissidents to have a voice.

America is starting to lose sight of its core principles and right now I am not sure anyone can call it the ‘land of the free’.

Is Uncle Sam going too far with internet censorship? Share your thoughts below.

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