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Google+ Approaches 50 Million Monthly Visits

Sites include . Published on January 11th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The much needed momentum that Google wanted to see with its social network Google+, appears to be here—finally.

Google+According to Experian Hitwise US, Google+ saw its biggest number in terms of monthly uniques in December 2011. Nearly 50 million unique visitors turned up to do something on Google+, a 20 million jump from the month previous, and the biggest traffic haul since the site went live in June of 2011. The surge in numbers appears to have come out of Google’s efforts to ‘spread the word’ over the Christmas holidays using ads featuring the Muppets and basketball legend, Bill Walton among others.

Aside from millions spent on advertising, Google+ has had some pretty solid tweaks in the last few months, including better noise control in the stream of posts, improvements in the clarity of notifications, and sleek new interface for photos shared on the platform. The Google+ platform is also now fully integrated into other major Google properties like YouTube, Gmail and Blogger. These changes and the ones in the pipeline are carrying the hope that people, who visit Google+, will stick around and invite their friends.

50 million uniques a month won’t cut it if Google+ is to really challenge Facebook, so let’s see how much Google can grow that number in the coming months.

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