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Wikipedia Aims To Reach 1 Million Portuguese Articles

Sites include . Published on January 10th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

It looks like Jimmy Wales and his motley crew over at Wikipedia have grown tired of trying to keep his ‘business’ afloat off the backs of donations from people in America. His next stop? Brazil, where Wales and his Wikimedia foundation are looking to gain a foothold through the amassing of over 1 million Portuguese articles. Wales was speaking recently to a popular tech blog in which he outlined plans for the growth of Wikipedia in Brazil.

WikipediaPart of that growth plan involves creating job openings, which according to Wikimedia Foundation’s Chief Global Development Officer Barry Newstead, is the next logical step in growing Wikipedia’s influence in the developing world. Brazil is therefore that all important first-step and underpins the strategic mission of Wales and his team to grow readership to 1 billion by 2015, and to also increase the number of global contributors to 200,000 by 2015.

Clearly this strategic goal is ambitious, but given the growing online involvement of people in the developing world, it may just be feasible. The only trouble Wales may have is his unwavering reliance on donations. The donating culture is quite different in the developing world and this hurdle will have to be overcome.

Do you think Wikipedia will take off in Portuguese? Share your thoughts below.

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