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89% Of Medium To Large Businesses Want Tablets

Sites include . Published on January 8th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

A while back there was small banner ad running on the front page of Yahoo, MSN and other big-name news portals. The ad was announcing the death of the PC and how ordinary folks could get in on what is going to be the next online and technological gold rush. At the time of course, Cloud computing and the tablet was emerging into view with very little definition. Today, the Cloud is everywhere and the tablet is the standard.

Proof of this is coming out of a study conducted by the NPD Group which found that 89% of businesses prefer tablets to PCs, and skew their budgets to match this rising desire. The study found that most small-to-medium sized US businesses are buying up iPad tablets in order to satisfy the computing needs of in-house staff. According to the study, the larger the company, the stronger the inclination to buy a tablet. Of the 89% that expressed a preference for tablets, a jaw dropping 73% had their eyes on the iPad.

For Apple, this is good news, and in some ways validation and comfort for Jobs and the team that helped him bring the pioneering tablet to market. The news coming out of the study also gives Apple something solid to build on, and with Android dominating much of the mobile phone space, the iPad in the hands of SMEs is good news for business going forward.

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