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48% Of Google+ Users Have Never Posted Publicly

Sites include . Published on January 7th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

There was never any doubt that Google+ would attract users; what was more uncertain, was whether or not, Google could do an effective job of keeping people engaged on the platform. Well, the suspense is over—it turns out that Google+ doesn’t do an effective job of keeping people engaged and actively participating on the platform.

Google+Proof of this has come out of a mapping study of just where the action is on Google+. This study was conducted by social media analysts Matthew Hurst, who came up with a detailed mapping of where the activity on Google+ is centered and particularly, around who. It turns out from the mapping, that there are only a select few of ‘influencers’ on the platform, and the majority of the public posting and circles tagging, is being done by these influencers. It’s been described as the ‘Scoble effect’, based on the ubiquitous social media user, Robert Scoble.

What the mining study shows in great detail is that only around 48% of users on the platform actually share their posts publicly. And although Hurst admits that the data collected is not based on a broad crawl of the site, it can be taken with some element of faith. Google is quick to point out however, that Hurst’s findings are not scientific, something I am sure it would say to save face. We’ll certainly know the extent of this lack of engagement and activity in a few months; then, it will be plain for all to see.

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