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Google Activated 3.7 Million Androids On Christmas

Sites include . Published on January 5th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Did the Apple iOS die this past Christmas? That is the question being asked in light of the revelation that Google activated over 3.7 million Android devices over the course of this past Christmas weekend.

The figure was revealed by Google SVP Andy Rubin, who tweeted the achievement amidst much glee. This is clearly good news for Google and Android, and sets the tone for 2012, a year in which the smartphone wars is expected to heat up significantly. At the same time though, there can’t be any real pronouncement of death for Apple’s iOS, because according to independent data, it too saw a massive 3.1 million activations over the Christmas period. This fact should give Apple the lifeline it needs to press hard next year in an effort to maintain overall market share of the mobile market.

Apple will need to step up its game though. Google is seeing more than 700,000 activations per day on its Android platform, so unless Apple can keep pace, it’s really just a matter of time before it gets overtaken. Many watching the battle unfold are even predicting this to happen as early as summer 2012.

Will Android overtake iOS? Only time will tell, but the battle itself will be fodder for the tech tabloids.

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