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trailers Raises $6 Million In Funding

Sites include . Published on January 5th, 2012. Written by Anthony West. is moving up in the world, having recently raised an additional $6 million in funding. But there is a problem—it seems that despite this fresh round of funding, the site itself hasn’t been living up to expectations, failing to generate the level of traffic it needs to justify the level of funding it has received so far.

In all, Blip has managed to secure over $24 million in funding, but recent ComScore data paints a picture of a site that is struggling to engage its audience and attract regular visitors. What’s more, the traffic numbers seem to be declining, with Blip’s monthly US unique visitors dropping from 1.6 million in July, to 1.4 million monthly uniques. This traffic picture has pretty much been substantiated by Quantcast, who puts Blip’s monthly unique visitors at 1.1 million.

The problem for blip seems to be multi-dimensional. On the one hand, it struggles to get an audience for the majority Indie videos that it hosts on its site. On the other hand, Blip has never really established itself as video sharing destination, and is seen by most (including users) as a ‘distribution’ site for other big websites.

If Blip is to shake this perception among users, it will need to spend most of its latest round of funding on marketing—perhaps even striking a few partnership agreements with advertisers and content providers.

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