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700,000 Android Devices Are Now Activated Daily

Sites include . Published on December 30th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Google Android is gaining momentum so fast that it is hard to expect it not to demolish Apple’s market share before the end of 2012. The latest set of data reveals that a staggering 700,000 devices are activated daily—up from the 500,000 or so daily activities recorded in June.

Google AndroidThe figure was sent out via a tweet by Google’s Android Chief Andy Rubin and highlights the rapid pace at which Android is growing. In the short time since Google launched the mobile platform, it has outsold and outgrown Microsoft’s mobile platform and is fast approaching a takeover of Apple’s iOS. Many are sounding the death knell already, with one commentator making the prediction that iOS will be dead by mid-2012.

Helping the rise and rise of Android is its adoption by many of the webs biggest social networks and mobile platform developers. Facebook for instance launched an App devoted to Android which is currently outperforming its own native App developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. Apple has been rather quiet and is yet to respond to any of the salvos sent off by Google—and with Job’s gone its very unclear how Apple will deal with the emerging threat of Android.

Do you think Android will kill off Apple’s iOS? Share your prediction in the comments below.

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