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Facebook On Android Gets 58.3 Million Daily Active Users

Sites include , . Published on December 25th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

The battle between Apple’s mobile platform and Android is intense and it is happening on all fronts, especially on the social networks. Apple seems to have switched focus away from Facebook and is now looking to build on its partnership with Twitter. Android on the other hand, has cemented its commitment to Facebook.

These establishment of a central focus of course, has resulted in a shift in popularity on the Facebook platform. According to a recent report, Facebook’s native app for Android now has a whopping 58.3 million daily active users (DAU), while Facebook for iPhone is now falling behind with 57.4 million DAUs. Things weren’t always like this though, and for a long time, Apple’s Facebook App was leading so badly, many thought Android would never catch up. This lag that Android suffered was due largely in part to the fact that Facebook released the Android App more than 12 months after it created and launched the iPhone App.

Will things change round again or will Facebook for Android rule supreme indefinitely? The answer is hard to ascertain at this point for many reasons, the chief one being that Facebook has launched another official iPhone App. This App currently stands at 5.5 million DAUs and many are speculating that it will soon mount a challenge to Android. But on the flip side of the coin, Facebook for Android is adding users 550,000 activations per day.

This sort of dynamic in the competitive process means that anything can happen—we’ll just have await the outcome.

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