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Direktori kota Makassar seperti hotel, restoran dan pre-school.
trailers Domain Name Sold For $40,000

Sites include , . Published on December 18th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Geo domains are the sort of domains one would expect to be protect by the countries who they represent, but this doesn’t seem to be the default setting among the poorer, more developing countries. I say this because I recently glimpsed some of the domains offered for sale by Mike Mann (domainer par excellence) and found a few that related specifically to countries. And if there was any doubt that this was the case, the sale of proves my point very well.

The domain was sold recently on Sedo for a whopping $40,000, and the only reason I suppose it didn’t go for more is because of the size and economic clout of the place. Makassar according to a Wikipedia entry is the “the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the largest city on Sulawesi Island”. Though the place has a population of 1 million people, it is not the sort of place that readily springs to mind—hence the price.

Perhaps these smaller countries and municipalities do not see the value in protecting their inline brand identity; either that or they don’t care. If the latter is the case, then it’s a shame, because a place with 1 million people needs to ensure that how its presented online through its domain name is consistent with the locality itself. Heaven knows what the present buyer of Makassar intends to place on the domain.

Do you think countries and smaller municipalities need to protect their domain identity more? Share your thoughts with us below.

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