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“Fear Factor” Viewers Generated 403,000+ Comments Across The Web

Sites include . Published on December 18th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

When Fear Factor left the air a whole back, many felt it was the last they’d see of the sometimes shocking reality TV program, but NBC certainly wasn’t clear on its intent. That intent was recently made clear with the return of Fear Factor and judging by the fan response across the web; its return was long overdue.

According to a report, the return of Fear Factor generated so much buzz that the social TV discussion surrounding it, generated over 403,000+ comments across the web. The stat was revealed by Bluefin Labs, who confirmed also that the 4% domination of the social conversation by Fear Factor dwarfed the likes of WWE Monday Night Raw and NFL Monday Night Football—both of whom had percentages of 10% and 9% respectively.

Perhaps what is surprising though, are the segments of the show that generated the bulk of the comments. According to Bluefin, the main pull for comments was Rogan’s comments about his mom and his rather controversial comments about one of the contestants. According to Rogan, contestant in question is the “whitest man in America”, and that the contestant should “audition for future Twilight sequels”. Why fans of the show would latch onto such trivial comments is beyond me, but hey, Fear Factor fans do what they want, right?

Should Fear Factor have stayed off the air? Share your thoughts below.

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