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trailers Sold for $22,000 USD

Sites include . Published on December 8th, 2011. Written by Daniel Renfro.

For small and large businesses alike it is a wise decision to create a web site for the company which will allow interested customers to learn more about the company or product they are selling, promote advertising, and provide current customers with a web site to use as needed. There are various businesses in the world wide web that sell domain names at various price ranges, with some of them being extremely expensive (over 10,000′s of dollars) and some are more affordable (at 100′s of dollars). Though some companies may be hesitant or wary of the cost of a domain name, it is a wise business decision to invest in a domain name that promotes their business since many people use the internet to find products, services, and businesses that they are in need of services from, and also it is a good way to advertise and increase customer satisfaction.

However, there can  be some issues with buying domain names online. For instance this recent,developing story about the domain name (missing the “e”) selling for $22,000 USD from SnapNames. Since it is so similar to the web site and business “” LinkedIn has filed a complaint since this can be confusing and misleading to web users. This has been a problem because when people accidentally type in (without the e), thinking they are going to, they are forwarded to a scam web site that asks them to fill out a survey. The original LinkedIn company is pretty much guaranteed to win the dispute but it is amazing that people will buy a domain name that is so similar to a already popular web site, when in cases like this where complaints are filed, the domain name will inevitably be taken away from them and the $22,000 will be wasted!

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