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Adobe Gives Up On Mobile Flash Dev And Lays Off 750 Jobs

Sites include . Published on November 13th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

One hates to be the prognosticator of doom but could Adobe be in trouble? That is certainly the question after reports that the company responsible for the ubiquitous ‘Flash’ technology is laying off 750 workers as take-up of its Mobile Flash development. This move of course is a response to the growing demand and acceptance of the new standard in online streaming and applications management, HTML5. Google has embraced it, companies like Apple have made it a big part of their strategic planning and so Adobe was always going to have trouble keeping Flash alive.

But no-one expected the departure from Flash to be soon. There are still hundreds if not thousands of companies and platform that still rely on and use Flash—even mobile platforms. Many on Twitter have been quick to hammer in the last nail in Flash’s coffin, but one user touched on something missed by pretty much all the experts: Adobe is getting rid of 750 people from its workforce. That is 750 people who will now have to find jobs and that can’t be fun.

Many are asking the question whether those jobs could have been saved; after all, aren’t developers flexible in learning and adapting—are mobile flash developers one-dimensional beings? Perhaps it’s too late to ask these questions, but we’ll all now have to watch the development of HTML5—like it or not, Flash served its purpose well, more often than not.

Should Adobe have retained the 750 people for input on their new HTML5 ambitions? Share your thoughts below.

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