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Yahoo Mail Delivers Over 50,000 Emails Per Second

Sites include . Published on November 9th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Yahoo recently revamped its email interface and I for one am very impressed. But so too are the other 300 million+ Yahoo Mail users around the globe.

The popular web-based email service has had a rebirth of sorts and since making the much needed changes the platform has been performing rather well. According to a data visualizations project presented by Janette Toral, Yahoo Mail delivers around 50,000 emails per second. That is to an extent expected given the size of the user base, but where Yahoo Mail shines is with the work it does against spam.

According to the visualization study, the recent anti-phishing and spam-blocking enhancements has helped Yahoo Mail to block over 550 billion spam messages each and every month. That level of activity has seen a massive 65% reduction in spam reports across the entire network of email addresses.

Yahoo Mail has also seen massive growth in the Asian market with a reported 76.5 million users emanating from Asia alone. These users account for more than 23% of all network activity on Yahoo Mail and the overall improvements on the platform is expected to push this percentage even higher. You can view a live dashboard of the usage at

Let’s just hope the rebirth can sustain itself long enough to make Yahoo Mail once a again a relevant email service for the masses.

Do you use Yahoo Mail? Let us know what you like about the popular email service in the comments below.

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