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90% Of The Internet Will Contain Videos In 3 Years

Sites include . Published on November 6th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Video has grown from being a small tropical storm to a full fledged category 5 hurricane and Cisco is making sure that every man and his dog is aware of the force that is online video.

Cisco is now predicting that in another 3 years, 90% of online traffic will be video. This prediction though not wholly scientific, fits in line with the current trend and volume of video saturation online. YouTube for instance, sees as much as 48 hours of video content uploaded top its servers. And if you add YouTube’s recent additions to its premium content line up, it’s hard not see that video is fast becoming an unstoppable force.

Businesses would do well to add more money to their video marketing and branding budgets because at present, video is the preferred medium of choice for consuming information (including ads) online. People are now watching more TV online, using video to get information traditionally sourced from books and newspapers. The sentiment was echoed by Cisco’s VP of Marketing and Emerging Technologies, David Hseih. According to Mr. Hseih, “video is invading all aspects of our lives, and today over half of all internet traffic is video”.  He even went on to highlight the fact that hospitals are now using online video to equip patients with the information needed to help with their care once they are discharged.

With such reach, video and its incorporation into a business’s online strategy is mandatory—the business that fails to adapt, simply won’t survive.

How much hours of online video do you consume? Let us know using the comments below.

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