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Google Wants To Buy Yahoo ASAP

Sites include , . Published on October 27th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Microsoft tried and failed to buy Yahoo but that was in 2008. Back then Yahoo wasn’t struggling as a business and so many vultures weren’t circling.

Presently things are pretty bad for Yahoo and Google it seems smells blood. According to reports, the search engine that effectively destroyed Yahoo is looking to make an outright purchase and is apparently trying to rally VCs to help with the deal.

Nothing has been inked and so far the discussions seem to be exploratory. But that hasn’t stopped experts from pulling the ‘anti-trust’ card. Many are already saying that such a purchase would never pass the regulators and that an acquisition like that would mean complete dominance for Google. These fears aren’t totally unfounded. Google presently controls over 60% of the search market and Yahoo controls over 25%–a merger would give Google an almost 90% share of the search market.

Such a scenario is clearly not good for the rest of us and is a lot less palatable idea than say Microsoft buying Yahoo. Right now Yahoo isn’t talking about potentially selling up, and there’s very little indication that Google would be the ultimate fit for such a purchase. Aside from the money that Google would need, there’s also the ideological roadblock that would need clearing. In terms of culture, the two companies (Google and Yahoo) couldn’t be more different. Google is all about innovation and daring, while Yahoo is more insular. How you get such divergent cultures and ideologies to mesh is anyone’s guess.

Will Yahoo sell-out to Google? Let us know how you think things will turn out in the comments below.

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