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Yahoo Takes Home A 26% Revenue Loss

Sites include . Published on October 24th, 2011. Written by Daniel Renfro. is a website that provides various services for its users, from mapping features, communication apps, the latest news and gossip, entertainment features such as games and videos, and the list goes on. It is also a web mail server for people to also access e-mails for business and personal reasons, as well as enjoy the various features that the home page has to offer. It seems though that Yahoo is not as popular as it once was, what with all of the other various social networking and entertainment sites that are competing for new members and keeping up with the times with various innovative features. It might be safe to say that it is still popular as a web mail server more than anything else.

This is kind of proven with the recent Yahoo third quarter earnings for this year. Apparently Yahoo’s revenue is suffering a 26% loss as well as its adjusted GAAP revenue down 24% also. The one positive report is has is that its earnings per share were higher than expected. Yahoo is undergoing changes like dismissing its former CEO and also its former CTO. Here’s a quote about how Yahoo is feeling about its changes and reports recently:

“Yahoo attempted to spin its positive assets in its earnings report, pointing out its continued success in certain markets. The company also recently announced a premium video portal, Facebook integration with Yahoo News and a new syndication content deal with ABC.”

It will be interesting to see how this recent financial report will continue to effect the Yahoo company and if it will make changes to improve on this or if it will continue to decline, and if another company will be interested in buying it out.

Yahoo as well as other sites of its kind will need to be able to keep up with its competition in order to stay in business or else its continuing decline will not be surprising.


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