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81% Of Website Users Are International

Sites include , , . Published on October 24th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

It looks like the gap between the developed countries and the developing ones is starting to close as it relates to internet usage. This is what’s being revealed from a presentation made at the recent Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.

According to Mary Meeker, internet trend watcher extraordinaire, the top web properties online get more traffic from outside the US than previously thought. The numbers have been verified by ComScore and it seems that a large chunk of those web users reside in no other than China. Further data from the numbers suggest that in just three years, China has managed to add more internet users than exist in the whole of the US.

Many greeted the numbers presented as ominous signs that the US is losing its grip on technological dominance. But Ms Meeker was quick to allay those fears. She cited that the US is still the leader in big tech business with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple all being resident US companies. This she felt were clear signs that things are still strong innovatively in the US, but cautioned that it would be difficult to keep pace with the current trends. She pointed to the recent influx of foreign based websites and apps that have started to dominate internet usage in the US. Sites like were chief among the influx.

So, do you think the US is losing its grip on technological innovation? Share your thoughts on this matter with us below.

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