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Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Watched 8 Million Times In One Day

Sites include , . Published on October 12th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

When someone as legendary and iconic as Steve Jobs passes, his work gets pored over and consumed on a massive scale. And so it comes as no real surprise that his Stanford Commencement which has been online since 2005, was watched over 8 million times after news spread that he had died. The speech itself had taken on a life of its own and it was often quoted from; featured in books and many speech writing professionals use it to show just how a speech should be delivered.

Many of the Apple product presentation that Jobs made over the years enjoyed a steady number of views each month before his passing. In fact, the total views for all of these presentations in the month of September was 25,000 averaged across all presentations. When news broke that Jobs had died, that number shot up to 6.8 million views. Clearly people wanted to tap into this greatness, this ability to communicate and articulate a vision, a goal a destiny—a product. In the end we mustn’t forget that Steve Jobs’ vision was focused on his products and the Apple brand. That we are able to pick those presentations apart and find inspiration, humor, courage and all the other trappings of Job’s great mind is simply amazing.

The marvelous and inspiring presentations delivered by Jobs over the years will certainly help to shape his legacy. This is a stunning achievement for a man that even with his contribution to computing and the tech space in general, was years ahead of his time.

Watch the Stanford Commencement below to see for yourself why people find it so inspiring:

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