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Netflix Supports More Android Devices

Sites include . Published on September 17th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Apple users have long enjoyed the benefits of having streaming videos from Netflix on their iPhones, and naturally this has made them the envy of Android device users.

That is about to change because Netflix has announced compatibility for ‘all’ Android devices. The update which was rolled out for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and/or Android 2.3+ is seen as step in the right direction for Netflix. The company has taken a pounding the last few weeks with all sorts of miscues. First it raised its subscription prices 60%, then it lost an important content deal with Starz—at one stage experts were wondering what else could go wrong.

While the news of the update is welcomed by many, a few people are scratching their heads about why it took so long to bring Android-wide compatibility for Netflix streaming. Well, those people can blame the good old DRM for that. Due to the content licensing restrictions, Netflix was unable to make streaming compatible among all devices running Android. Doing so would mean upsetting too many content providers, not to mention setup the company for legal battles.

In the end, all is well, that truly ends well. Now all Android users have access to Netflix content. Perhaps now that Netflix has wider reach, it can revisit its pricing—that of course would be welcome by all, not just people with iPhones and Android phones.

Do you think Netflix might have alienated a large section of the Android user base by not releasing the update sooner? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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