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Groupon Offers College Tuition Discount

Sites include . Published on September 8th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Groupon has tried the daily deals model on pretty much everything in an effort to make it work. But so far, Groupon and other daily deals are struggling to find the ‘sweet spot’. But could things be changing? Could the latest offer on Groupon be the thing that transforms struggling to profitable? Well Groupon is surely hoping so, because it’s just announced that college tuition fees will be the latest addition to the line of discounts.

Reports are that a private Chicago-based is set to offer discounts on one of its degree courses. National Louis University has a lackluster response to its graduate teaching program, and they are hoping that by teaming up with Groupon, things will start to look up. The discount of around 60%, will be offered on the university’s entry-level graduate teaching course, and will see students paying $950 for the three-credit introductory course. Without the discount students would have to pay $2,232, so the deal looks like a solid one.

Only people who already possess an undergraduate degree can apply and the offer is open to as many as 25 buyers. Students who take up the offer will have to complete another 33 credits (at full price) in order to gain the qualification at the end. Jocelyn Zivin, vice president of marketing and communications for National Louis, thinks that by offering these kinds of deals, the teaching program will become fully subscribed.

If it works, this will be seen as good news for the struggling Groupon. The daily deals site has had slow take-ups on its deals, and many merchants have been expressing mixed feelings about daily deals. Deals on college tuition could very well be the thing that saves Groupon.

Do you think ‘deals’ on college tuition is a good idea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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