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Tumblr Scores 13.4 Million Unique U.S. Visitors

Sites include . Published on September 3rd, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

July seems to be month of ‘records’ for social media websites; no fewer than 3 of the big sites have had record numbers and it’s just been announced that Tumblr has joined the party.

According to ComScore, Tumblr recorded 13.4 million unique visitors in the month of July, and that number is up 218% on last year’s uniques for the following month. That is explosive growth indeed and puts Tumblr in a position to capitalize on the seeming infatuation with all things social media. Much of Tumblr’s growth has occurred in the last few months, and the ComScore numbers support this. Based on data gathered, it was observed that from April to July 2011, Tumblr recorded an increase of unique visitors by 5 million. Extrapolated, that growth should translate into some fine numbers—the sorts of numbers investors like to see.

So what’s driving this phenomenal growth? The answer isn’t clear (or scientific) but according to Andrew Lipsman of ComScore, Tumblr is benefiting from what is called the ‘network effect’. According to Mr Lipsman, the network effect works because it allows all users to feel a part of something; this in turn encourages them to share their experience and before you know it, critical mass is achieved.

Tumblr will continue to grow thanks in part to the share volume of adult content found on its blogs (yes, this is one of the things that constitute the network effect), as well as the ease of publishing and sharing content.

Do you use Tumblr for blogging? Watch the video below to see more about how it works.

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