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Hulu Travels East: Japan Next In Line for Streaming Content

Sites include . Published on August 13th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

Hulu isn’t letting a few patent lawsuits and uncertain acquisition deals slow its progress. In fact, it would appear that Hulu is bent on growing no matter what happens in the back offices and boardroom.

News just released by Hulu indicates that the premium content streaming site is set to start delivering its content to Japanese users. According to the blog post announcing the news, Hulu is happy to be entering japan, not least because “Japan is a wonderful country”.

HuluNo doubt Japan is a wonderful country, but business isn’t about wonderful countries, it’s about profits. And judging by the terms of how the service will be delivered, Hulu is focused first on the money, then scenery/people. Although the terms are sketchy, it is understood that Hulu will offer premium content exclusively to its Japanese subscribers. This, of course, is a departure from the U.S. setup; in which subscribers have access to both paid and free content.

This territorial expansion is sure to raise the profile of Hulu. More users mean more revenue, and nothing beats a nice base of subscribers who are on the books paying exclusively for premium content. Once Hulu sorts out much of the on-and-off content troubles it has with content providers, that $2 billion asking price will start to look a bit more justified.

Yes, Japan is indeed a wonderful country; filled with lots of wonderful people who like to pay for premium content.

Are you a Hulu Subscriber? Watch the video below to learn more about their services.

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